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A Different Ride Profile

In our studio, we teach Indoor Rowing Classes, where everything goes by the clock. The intervals are all based on time on vs. time off ? and there is a mathematic-like structure to the workouts. This quite often differs from the Spinning Classes, where our instructors tend to take you on a ?journey.? After all, on a ride in the great outdoors, the hills don?t come in perfect 1 minute on, 1 minute off intervals ? and the rides in Spinning usually reflect this. The other day, I attended a Spinning class led by one of our rowing instructors, and it was a refreshing experience. The ?work? was structured and based on heart rate. 4?on, 1? off, 3?on, 1? off, 2?on, 1? off, 1?on, 1? off. There was scant mention of hills, barely a reference to the road. It was a simple, let?s do this by time, let?s do it at a certain cadence, and let?s do it at a certain heart rate. Although the visual of the open road is sometimes a great motivator ? I enjoyed the different structure. Climbing out of the saddle became less about visualizing the hill, and more about visualizing the strengthening of the legs and an increased heart rate. For me, this was a fun way to see a ride profile from a different perspective, and something that I will likely incorporate into my classes. Do you get your ride profiles from visualizing the road? Or does something else inspire you?



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