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A Fresh Start

It is at this time, the beginning of a new year, when I pause and consider this whole wonderful new year stretching out in front of me.   The year ahead is a new road, one not yet travelled.  It represents endless possibilities.   A new road, a fresh start. 

January is one of those times in the year where people come rushing back through the gym doors with renewed determination and fresh commitments.  The locker rooms fill with all the new bodies and the chatter of New Year’s resolutions.     

As a cycling instructor I know there will be both new faces but also those I haven’t seen in a good while.    So as I think about the possibility of the year and how to provide a smart start to those new to indoor cycling and a fresh start those coming back.   The start of the year is a great time to go back to basics even for those who are consistently there not deterred by rain, ice storms, snow, cold or dark mornings. 

January is great time to provide participants the opportunity to go back to basics, work on good pedaling technique and build endurance.  I know that this type of class can send a lot of instructors into panic mode.  Instructors often tell me they feel participants will be so bored!  Don’t panic, participants love a chance to improve technique.  Boredom in participants is usually caused by a lack of engagement.  So how do you engage them? One way participant engagement increases is when they have a sense of mastery.  Going back to the basic movements provides participants and opportunity to improve leading to a greater sense of accomplishment and engagement.    Choose simple cues that help participants focus on technique then be quiet and give them an opportunity to work on their own form.  




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