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A Good Instructor

I?m sure you?ve read posts on any number of sites about what makes a good instructor. I?m always reading comments like: good energy, plays great music, rides outside, looks fit, and makes classes fun. Since the opinions are all subjective, I don?t disagree with any of them. The one comment I never see is organized. A good exercise instructor is a lot like a classroom teacher in that they must be highly organized to be successful. A classroom teacher plans their lessons, prepares their materials, arranges their environment, and schedules enough time to complete the activity. As soon as possible, they?ll assess overall student performance. A good fitness instructor will prepare a profile before class begins. They?ll give the students some objectives to work on during the training segment. They?ll arrange music that clearly communicates their intentions. They will take as much time as they can to arrange the room in a manner that allows for both maximum comfort and focus. Finally, they?ll present their class to the participants and take time afterwards to assess student reactions.



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