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A letter of intent, to my sprain.

ear Sprain, I?d like to take a moment to introduce my foot to you in hopes of generating a mutual respect between you two. Your sudden appearance caught us off guard, but I believe that if we can get to know each other a little bit, we can establish some boundaries in our coexistence. Please do not make yourself too comfortable. While I can honor, respect and tolerate you for the moment, I cannot host you for too long, because my foot and I have big plans that don?t include injury . . . not even you. Foot, this is sprain. Sprain had good intentions when imposing himself on you. When the motorcycle pinned your ankle to the ground, ligaments tore and Sprain immediately leapt into action, swelling a protective boot around the entire ankle and foot. Unfortunately with the swelling comes pressure and pain, but that just needs a little ?RICE? and time. . . drugs are nice too. Foot . . . you must honor Sprain. I know you are accustomed to training every day, but you?ll need to rest for a while. Your cycling shoes wouldn?t fit if you tried, you cannot dorsi or plantar flex at this time, nor can you take pressure, so all that triathlon training you?ve been doing is on hold. For now. But let me make a promise to you. Sprain showed up unexpectedly and we really don?t know how long he intents to stay, but if we?re patient and gracious and give him every thing he wants, we?ll escort him away and get back to training, I promise. Look . . . I?m not even going to cancel our plans to do the Bintan triathlon in 5 weeks. I?m not saying we can do it, but we?ll get my daughter to it and at least cheer for her. Loving the blue hue of Sprain and the almost cartoon like swelling. If only you were hairier, Foot, you would look like Froto?s foot. So, here are the rules. Foot ? do not make friends with Sprain. You are on simple lock down right now and Sprain is here to oversee you through this process. Be humble and be patient. Sprain, do not overstay your welcome and please clean up your mess when you leave. We know your type?leaving weakness, scar tissue and a propensity for future visits, just doesn?t sit well with us. I?ve informed the other foot and all the players in the kinetic chain not to accommodate this injury. If we can't do it right, we will not do it. I have scrapped all activity, including teaching Spinning® for the time being. I will resume only when I can be comfortable for an hour with my crutches and do not require pain medication. I need to be clear headed when I teach others. I will defer shopping and all other jobs I assume as mother of household and give my family the opportunity to help me as much as possible. Together, we?ll work this out and who knows? We might just get stronger in every way? Enough said? Let the healing begin.



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