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A Rested Development

I was whining before about the "falling out" I had with my swim coach who thought I wasn't taking enough time to rest, and wanted to report back that I had a "forced" rest while I went to Bangkok to do an MRI. Other than walk the malls with my 11 year old daughter, I got pretty much no exercise for 4 days. Well, today, back at home in Cambodia, I climbed back on my "she-beast," with her newly raised saddle and was amazed at how GREAT I felt. Well, the 1/2 inch I took the saddle up sort of sat in my lower back a little, but I think I'll just get used to that difference - it isn't a great deal higher. But my knee didn't that that filling feeling or any pain and wow! at 70K I was still going strong and fresh. let's hear it for rest! I have been arguing that I don't do a lot of back to back trainings of the same sport - that really I only swim every third day, etc etc, but I see that the systems aren't so dearly different so I need to recognize the price of not resting, to refuel and reenergize for overall gains. It's just so counterintuitive... I took a 1/2 a week off and came back stronger. Study all you want to be able to make such a statement, but unless you feel it, you can't KNOW it. I'm beginning to know it.



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