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A supervisor's role

I have been super fortunate in the supervisors that I have worked for in fitness facilities. There have been a couple that have been less than communicative, but overall, I've been lucky to find that most of my supervisors offer complete support, further education and encouragement.

In seeking out a new teaching position when I moved, I learned that there was a long process to become an instructor at this new facility--which made me a bit nervous because the expectations were high and thus, I'm always concerned about what I can personally offer that would set me apart from another instructor.

In retrospect, I now realize the importance of this "due diligence" on the part of my new supervisor, Janet. Her client base has high expectations and therefore, as a program supervisor, she needed to deliver on these expectations--and thus, expect this from anyone she includes on her team.  I respect and truly appreciate this, as it drives me to work harder.

Admittedly, I have known only a few fitness professionals. Janet is one of them. Frankly, I was very intimidated by her. She teaches a great class, and looks every bit the fitness professional.  But, as I got to work with her more in my audition process, I learned that she's just a person like any of us--add into the fact that she's a great motivator, a great coach, and a fervent supporter of how to make each person she encounters a better person all around.  As a single mom with two boys, she still finds the time to email me and find out how things are for me (I recently had a personal family emergency).  She has stated again and again she's there to help me with perfecting my teaching/form if I need, and as intimidated as I was when I first met her, now I feel a part of the team because of her professionalism as a supervisor. The time she spends to update all her instructors on what is going on in the facility, checking in on us as people OUTSIDE of the workout room, and offer her time to teach and mentor us make me realize how fortunate I am to be a part of her team!

I feel blessed to have moved from one great supportive supervisor in Philly (hi Katie!) to another one here in Lebanon, NH.  To those of you instructors, what sets a supervisor apart for you? Any shoutouts you'd like to give? :)




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