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The other night proved to be an interesting night in class. It was one of those where someone thinks that they are the fittest person in the room. I can honestly say that this proved to be a fun challenge for me from the start. One gentleman walked into the room and began to set up his bike. I asked him if he and ever been to a Spinning class and he said, yes several. I was not so sure since he had his saddle set so far forward to the point that his knees were almost under the handlebars while he was seated. I told him that we needed to move his saddle back to put his knee in proper alignment over the pedal spindle. So I pulled out the plumb line, checked his saddle height and set him up properly. After I set him up he said to me that he likes to ride closer to the handlebars because his, and I quote, "tender parts go numb." So I explained that proper bike setup will help eliminate the uncomfortable feeling he experienced in the past. To give you a better picture of the type of guy he is, you can find him spending his recovery intervals from the weight room flirting with the girls at the gym. You know the type, those that spend more time flexing their biceps in front of the mirror than working out with the weights. After I set him up correctly he asked how long the class was. I told him it was an hour class and he said, "Cool, I can handle that. No problem. I've done this before.? I chuckled to myself and said, "Have fun today, stay within your means and thanks in advance for choosing to come." My profile was designed to work on functional threshold intervals based on perceived exertion. The intervals varied between four to six minutes with 2 minutes between each interval. Of course, the recoveries were way to long for this man; he could handle a steady state for much longer than a measly four minutes. After about 20 minutes, Mr. Muscle?s face is turning a shade of red I haven?t seen in any Crayola box. When he got out of the saddle for a standing climb, he put his elbows in the water bottle holders (of which I corrected). As he fatigued, his form continued to deteriorate. About 30 minutes into class, he got off his bike and left. He was the only one that left early. After class, I see him over in the free weight area again. Looking like he had just ran up Mount Washington with a weighted vest. I thanked him for coming, and he just kind of grunted. I smiled to myself knowing that sometimes people attend class for the wrong reason. This member just wanted to be seen and didn?t expect to face such a challenging ride. No matter how many times we try to coach a member, we may never win them over. Then one day, something will click for them and they will be back. I really hope I get to work with this guy again. I?d love to help him build his cardiorespiratory system to the same level as his musculoskeletal system. blog by Ralph Mlady for 2/26/2011



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