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Appropriate play

I just took a wonderful workshop on played-based assessments. Since preschool age children learn through experiences, educators use play-based skills to understand how a child is functioning cognitively and what delays (if any) they may have. We talked a lot about how skills advance through exact levels. It is virtually impossible to skip a level of functioning along the continuum. Each step has to be reached before the next highest can be accessed. The whole discussion really got me thinking about the range of important skills in a Spinning class. It would be reasonable to assume that if a participant is having difficulty applying the appropriate resistance to a flat, they would be even more challenged to add the proper resistance to a hill. If correct resistance on climbing is a problem, then it is most likely that the participant will be reluctant to add the correct amount of resistance needed to perform a proper sprint. As an instructor, we can (and should) gather information early in class when riders are just getting warm. That time period can tell us so much about their current skill levels and what challenges would be most appropriate for them during that particular session.



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