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B.A.M. Conference Day 2

I blogged last night about the conference at which I am presenting called Body and Mind (BAM) in northern California. This morning, I presented a Bodyblade workshop called Core Like Never Before. The focus of the workshop is to mix the use of the Bodyblade, which is held in one or both hands, and oscillate (drive it) while integrating traditional sport moves like lunges as well as pilates, and yoga. Of the participants, only one had ever used a Bodyblade, but being that everyone in the class was a group exercise instructor or a personal trainer most of them did quite well. Using a Bodyblade is very unlike picking up a dumbbell because one must interact with the blade correctly so that the tips oscillate and there is a rhythm that is created. Even though using a weight calls for proper form and technique, the weight is a static piece of equipment and does not affect the tissue in the same way as a Bodyblade does. The feedback is also quite different because we are so used to relying on our prime movers and understanding the sensations from them that most people cannot detect when the deep stabilizers are being activated, but that is exactly what the Bodyblade does. If you have heard of the Bodyblade in relationship to physical therapy, then know now that it is being integrated into group fitness classes, with personal training clients and athletes for endurance and strength training. The variety of sizes available has increased the exercises that can be done with a blade and the environments in which it can be utilized.The is a wonderful website at with articles and testimonials if you wish to learn more about the Bodyblade which is Mad Dogg Athletics most recent partnership.



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