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The importance of working in the Spinning® Energy Zones™ cannot be emphasized enough in my opinion. Periodisation,  knowing when to stress the body and when to recover plays one of the most important roles in sports. But somehow lots of Spinning® instructors keep finding it so difficult to actually create trainings like this. Most of the classes they teach are actually Interval classes. Of course these classes may not be skipped, as they are inter alia very important to improve your recovery time. But it seems almost like a fear of the instructor to let their students down. Because they assume that this is what their students want. However, this is not what is best for your students body. When you always stress the body injuries may occur and overtraining can appear. I can tell you, this is not a nice state of the body and mind.

Make sure you inform your participants about the importance of balancing their training and thus the importance of working in the different Energy Zones™. Explain to them why it is so important to build and maintain an aerobic base. If you are afraid of boredom, make sure you play heart rate or cadence games. So many ideas to create a nice and effective Endurance  ride.

Put aside your fear of teaching (one of the nicest in my opinion) the Endurance Energy Zone. Just teach the class and make sure you feel strong and secure in what you are doing. I am 100% convinced that your participants will love that feeling of working, sweating without digging so deep!

Make sure you explain all the Energy Zones.. not forgetting the Recovery and Race Day EZ (and the do´s and don´ts of these, look up in your manual if your forgot). Create nice rides and let your participants experience the differences between them.

For some of you this might be a big challenge, because it can be difficult to change old habits. Just keep in mind that once you have turned the knob, the quality of your classes will improve immense and your participants will go to another level in their trainings.

Whenever you have any questions , fears or  are in need of some assistance, know that there is worldwide team of Spinning® (Master) instructors to help and guide you on your way to becoming the best coach you can be. Please feel free to contact me or someone else of the Spinning® family!


Have a great weekend!





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