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Before and After

Food affects Fat. More often, your pre and post workout food choices will have a huge affect on how your body looks and peforms the other 20+ hours of the day. Many athletes and exercisers screw up their hard work with what they eat. You can (chemically) tilt your metabolic processes with what you eat before and after exercise. Its all about prepping your body for maximum performance and then finding the fastest path to allowing your muscles to replenish and refuel. Sugar is the enemy. Fat and protein are the heroes. Consuming high glycemic foods 30-60 min. before exercise may cause a rise then fall of energy. Make wise choices with what you eat before you train. If you are hungry, you should nibble on something. Nibble! Not a full-on meal. Just "top off" with an easily digestible food. Eggs, berries, light protein shake or turkey bacon are good choices. You won't feel full, they are good performance choices and you can generally eat them within about 30 minutes of exercise based on how your body has been "trained" to eating before training. Bad choices would be fruit-packed smoothies, breads, grains or dairy products. These generally interfere with digestion and cause an insulin spike that is detrimental to performance. After you train (with enough intenisty!), you need to recover. You have about a 30 minute window to get something in your gut. Go after a high quality protein source and a complex carbohydrate (veggies like yams or sweet potatoes go down easily and have a good low glycemic carb mix). Make sure you hydrate but be careful of going straight water if you went hard in your session. Make sure electrolytes like sodkum, potassium and magnesium (there are a few others too) are in balance. Good, healthy, clean food is the best way to go with recovery. Many shakes and bars are low in true nutrient density, cost a lot more than food and have a lot of sugar. What you eat has to be in balance with how you train. If you train hard enough, your nutrition befoe and after makes a huge differnce in the next day's workout. And don't overeat if you are only doing low intensity cardio work. It takes a bit of practice, but being lean is a good place to be.




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