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It's been a while since I've posted anything here on the site. It's nice to be back.
I've got a lot of events lined up this year and I'm looking forward to another amazing 12 months of instructor training workshops.
Besides attending the instructor training workshop, what makes someone a "good" instructor.
The number one characteristic that a good instructor must posses is organization. The person must be able to create oraganized, meaningful, and teachable plans for their classes. In my mind, fun is a great goal for every environment. You want workouts to be fun, but fun is not a objective you can teach. Secondly, a good instructor should be able to arrange a series of songs that bring their terrains and activities to life. Third, they have to arrive early enough to both understand and create the class environment to the best of their ability. I like to speak to participants prior to teaching a class whenever it is possible. It gives me a sense of expectations and moods before I try to lead a group of people through a training session. Lastly, a good instructor has a solid vocabulary of meaningful, direct words and phrases that will enhance the level of focus in each participant. As many of you know, I like to use power words like: push, add, strength, jump, heavy, and powerful. I like power words because I speak less, but when I do, it means more.



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