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Being Yourself

I remember the first Spinning? class I ever taught. The first few actually were all the same. Here I was up in front of that class, with a group of blank faces staring up at me waiting on brilliance. I was terrified. I felt so much pressure to say the right thing, say something motivating, say something about technique or nutrition or training that would change their lives. When there was silence I wouldn?t know where to look, what to do. I would be going crazy thinking of the next perfect thing to say, looking at my watch, how much longer on this hill, how much longer in this class? OK, I have made myself out to sound like a crazy person, and perhaps I put a little too much pressure on myself. But that?s how it was. Thing are different now. I?ve taught a lot of classes, I?ve gone to a lot of classes, I?ve watched a lot of classes when I?m doing work in my studio. There is no best way. The best Spinning instructors are those who know themselves the best. They love to ride, they love to teach, and they simply are sharing what they love with others. As soon as I let go of the single image I had of what a ?Spinning instructor? was, it became OK to just be myself. As soon as I was comfortable being myself, I stopped worrying about what to say. I coach now with a stream-of-consciousness style. Not because I practiced it or tried to, but because that?s just who I am, it?s how I think. It?s easiest for me to coach as I?m riding with my class so I can feel what they?re feeling, and I just talk it out. When we?re on a ride, we?re truly on a ride together. Do you have a ?coaching style?? How did it come about?



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