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Bodyblade® & Vibrational Training

Vibrational training has been around for a couple of decades now, but it got its start in the physical therapy world. One of the first products featuring this mode of training was the large exercise balls. There are a few brands now such as Resist-a-ball®, but the idea is that once a person puts his or her weight on the ball, core muscles begin to fire in order to stabilize. Most people in the fitness industry have been on a stability ball at this point and understand how that feels. Most people however, have not utilized a Bodyblade® as of yet. The Bodyblade was designed by a physical therapist named Bruce Hymanson who wanted to put the technology of vibration into the hand in order to rehabilitate the shoulder area. He designed his product and brought it to market back in 1991 and he has been traveling the world since then to teach other physical therapists as well as fitness instructors the benefits of this device. Mad Dogg Athletics has developed a unique partnership with Bruce to not only sell his Bodyblades, but also provide instructor education. We have our program up and running now. There is an eight hour seminar that provides group exercise instructors, personal trainers and physical therapists an in depth training experience with the Bodyblade. There is so much scientific information behind it that is relevant to being able to utilize it properly for a variety of populations and the training does an excellent job of breaking it down into a user friendly, understandable format. I have been blown away by the amount of ways that the Bodyblade may be used and it is part of my personal weekly exercise regime. As soon as the Bodyblade tips begin to oscillate, muscles in the core are firing. The blade adjusts itself to the level of the user and it gives a type of training that just isn't available through weights. It is part of my own personal exercise regime and I use it with my Core classes and my students love it. Check it out at Written by master instructor Sabrina Fairchild on April 15, 2011 for



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