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Bodyblade® Training

I had the pleasure and opportunity to take the Bodyblade® Instructor Training on Thursday at the Mindbody FitPro conference. It was such an incredible experience! Lead by the lovely Tami Reilly, who is also a Spinning® Master Instructor, we had an afternoon of learning fun!

Tami, is one of my favorite presenters. She is fun, outgoing and her knowledge was impressive. Fortunately for me, it was a smaller class, so we really got that one on one personal training. And man let me tell you, Bodyblade® is hard! After almost 8 hours (not blading the whole time) my arms and body were sore for the next several days! I never realized how much science went into the creation of the blade. I find it amazing because you are never isolating just one muscle. You might feel it more in certain muscles depending on the exercise, but you are constantly working multiple muscles all at the same time!

After going through the training, I have a new found appreciation for this amazing product that Bruce created! Here at Spinning® Headquarters, we have been doing a Bodyblade® workout every day at 3pm. I am excited to change up the exercises that we have been doing and add some new, harder ones in! Thank you Tami for the amazing day!

If you haven’t picked up a Bodyblade® before, I encourage you to do so! It’s a product that you have to try it to truly understand it!


Michaela Morales

Community Coordinator




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