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"Oh, I teach with the saddle dropped low because it makes my core work harder and its harder on the legs." Bonehead. What she should have said was I have never taken the time to understand biomechanics and proper exercise physiology. Then, I would add that (like most fitness people) the core is about as "definable" as explaining how the brain works! I can blog about the trendy core stuff some other time. I want to talk about being a professional and knowing what you are supposed to know. The instructor that said this above actually wanted to teach at my club. She came to my class and that is what she told me. See ya sister. I asked her a few simple questions about the why behind what she was doing...most of the answers were the normal banter of because I feel it. She probably also watched a few You Tube videos or saw another instructor do it so it must be right. SPINNING kicks butt because we have 3 hand positions, 5 movements and that is it. Unless Mad Dogg loses their mind (which I doubt), you won't get new movements, new hand positions or fluffy stuff to do in SPINNING. And - all the physiology and science in our manual is straight up proper. No one made it up to fit SPINNING. It was already sound, accepted science. Stick to the script as they say. Stay simple. But there is an important point here - knowing what you should know. You do need to know how to fit someone. You should know what a proper pedal stroke looks like. And you should understand why you do certain movements at certain intensities. The WHY behind these is your back-up to coach successfully. Make sure you do your homework and have had ample time to practice and learn what you have absorbed. It takes a degree of commitment of one's time and energy to become a good coach, a strong athlete and to inspire. As a SPINNING instructor, you can be all three. That is what makes our program so tough but also very simple. Make sense? Oh, that instructor I mentioned? She came into my office yesterday. Said she was a bit sore and that she loved "that style of class." Still didn't completely get it, but she will. My goal - for her to teach at my club and learn. It will help her. She will help others. Mission accomplished.



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