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Brain overload!

Panic is setting in. In ten days, our facility is launching a new class and I agreed to be a part of the launch?at 10pm at night! Given our gym is a college facility, 10pm is still early and in fact, it?s when people start getting ready for the night to start. But, as I?m not a student, this is pretty late in the evening for me. On a work night no less! Anyhow, that?s not what has me in a panic. What has me nervous is the fact that it?s only ten days away, and I have much to practice and memorize before that night?memorizing the choreography for a 60 minute workout, plus coordinating with two fellow instructors about what we?ll wear, and if we plan to add any fun flourishes to our presentation. Needless to say, we are all incredibly busy so finding time to even practice together is going to be tough. I participated in a launch a few months ago and it was a lot of fun, but this time I feel as if there?s less time to prep and hence my anxiety level is higher. It doesn?t help that one of the tracks is frighteningly hard?ha ha. Anyhow, friends, wish me luck as I take on memorizing this. Hopefully?.I won?t flub it up! ?June



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