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Build, Broaden and Invigorate…

Build, Broaden and Invigorate…

So, you have the position right? Maybe that position is your dream job, a position on the “team”, or the prime time Spinning® Class on the schedule. Whatever the position is you are there because you have the skills. But why stop there? Take your position to the next level by refining your skills and learning new ones.


Easier said than done right?


With each role we take part in our life come responsibilities and hopefully self-satisfaction. Self-actualization is having the desire to fulfill our potential. Such as, being fulfilled and satisfied with your work and private life, achieving peace and harmony with others, and the ability to seek and gain knowledge.


Having spent the last two years working on my master’s degree has led me to many sacrifices personally and professionally, many long hours reading, writing and studying and acknowledgment that the skills I already possessed are now much richer because of the knowledge base and network of people that have become much larger.


As a Master Instructor each time I am in the presence of new instructors and current instructors I learn something new; each time I take a personal or professional self-development course within corporate health & wellness I network with others sharing the same interest and passions as I ~ so we share tips and knowledge.


Build, broaden, and refresh your skills for success by arming yourself with knowledge. Start simply by utilizing the Spinning® Instructor Resources which include reading Spinning News, Training Tips, attending Spinning Workshops and Events, going to the library, talking to a mentor, joining clubs in your community, volunteering the list goes on.


Coach Joe Vigil, Ph.D, a coach, educator, motivator and diplomat, states, “if you believe in yourself, and have the courage, determination, dedication, competitive drive, willingness to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, you can get to the top of the mountain”, (1995, v). Do you want to get there?


Vigil,J.I. (1995). Road to the top. Albuquerque, NM:  Creative Designs, Inc.




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