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Building Your Box of Tricks

One of my sessions for WSSC this year is called ?Building Your Box of Tricks?. The session was actually suggested to me by a fellow instructor and I took the ball and ran with it (thanks Kris). I designed this session to provide instructors with tips and tricks on how to prepare profiles, organize music, explore coaching cues and techniques, increase cycling and fitness knowledge and find out more about other topics that will help you become a top-notch instructor. This session will be highly interactive and be more of a discussion rather than a lecture. The session is meant for the instructors that want to build upon the skills they learned in orientation. You will walk away with new ideas to build your own tool box filled with coaching tips and tricks to take your instruction to the next level. Come share your experiences and help others learn something new. I?m hoping I can learn a few things form you as well. blog by Ralph Mlady for



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