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Bye bye soda. I loved you much, but you're just no good for me?

For my birthday, a friend of mine got me a copy of the book ?Skinny B*tch?. While I don?t relish the idea of authors calling me ?fat? throughout the book and just plain being rude to me?I?ll have to say it made me stop and think a bit about the junk that I sometimes put into my body. I already don?t eat meat?and it?s for ethical/moral reasons, not health reasons?so the part about factory farming made me want to cry. But, the new things I learned related to some of the foods/drinks that I love having in my diet?mostly, diet soda. I have never been a big fan of water. I force myself to drink two 32 ounce bottles a day because I know that I sweat a lot when I work out. But it?s PAINFUL to drink that water. And I?m sorry, just flavoring it with a slice of lemon just doesn?t cut it. So, every once in a while I like to indulge in some diet drink, just because I long for that sweetness that?s there. But now, having read this book and realizing how bad for my body diet drinks are?I think I?m going to try to eliminate from my diet again. I did do it for a couple years a while back, and am not sure what got me back onto it, but alas, reminders are always good and while I?m sure I?ll be unhappy with some initial withdrawals (ha ha, addictive personality here!), in the long run it?ll be worth it! -June



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