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Can Fit Pro 2012

This past weekend I had the priviledge to present at the Can Fit Pro International Fitness Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  This conference is very special to me being a Canadian and a Toronto native.  Can Fit Pro knows how to do it right and this year was no exception.  Can Fit Pro is now the largest fitness conference of its kind in the world and this year hosted more than 5,000 delegates.

My weekend started by co-teaching the Spinning Instructor Orientation with Nadine Stewart.  Nadine has a great passion and a wealth of knowledge which she shared with all of the participants.  We must always keep our hearts and mind open to learning and I learned as
much from Nadine as any of the students.

The next two days I was on my own.  Friday was kicked off by a strength ride complete with video.  I hope the participants enjoyed finding their inner strength and were inspired by the images on the screen.  I felt the energy from eveyone throughout the ride. 

On to the opening ceremonies which is always a grand event.  Simon Whitfield, the Canadian Olympic Triathlon medalist, was the keynote speaker and he inspired us all to focus on the journey and not be so focused on the outcome.   This resonated with me as I have long been fasinated with the process and continuous improvement.  I was fortunate enough to have my picture taken with Simon later that day and had him sign the back of one of my jerseys.  Now I can say, Simon has my back!
As I left for the day I stopped to watch the largest Zumba party I have ever seen.  Can Fit Pro knows how to party!

Saturday started with 'Let's Jump'.  Now anyone of my regular groups knows I am a saddle lover so this was definately a challenge for me especially at 7:30 am!

The Back to Basics session was well attended.  I was left with the impression that instructors do wish to provide an endurance class to participants but were struggling with how to engage students.  I provided a whole list of cues and ideas on how to do this so I hope instructors will offer this type of class to their
students more often. 

The final ride was all about pyramids.  I love these types of structured rides.  Perhaps it is my IT background that likes order and expected results.  I find students love them too!

All and all Can Fit Pro was an exceptional experience.  The Can Fit Pro team ensured everything ran smoothly.  The coordinators, volunteers and tech crew are second to none.  A great big thank you to Matt the AV guy in room 709.  He made setting up equipment an absolutely breeze.  I never once had to ask to adjust
volume or image.

Can wait till next year!




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