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Can't afford to exercise?

It is cheaper to not have diabetes than to have it. The nation spends $13,243 on each person with diabetes, compared to $2,560 per person for people who don't have diabetes. ( Apparently, it is also cheaper to not have a heart attack than to have one. The average total cost of a severe heart attack?including direct and indirect costs?is about $1 million. ( A stroke is no cheapie either: The average cost of care for a patient up to 90 days after stroke is $15,000. For 10 percent of patients, the cost of care for the first 90 days after a stroke is $35,000. ( Dealing with Hypertension will set you back too: Every year individuals pay about $1,131 for hypertension. ( Gastric bypass? $20,000 base (in Thailand - you still have to get there and pay for accommodation for months while they check up on you) These are direct costs - not what is lost in time at work, the emotional cost to the family and other costs associated with having illness. I didn't even mention things like depression, stress management, obesity (and the cost of clothing for a changing body...) Exercise doesn't cure everything, but it makes most things more manageable and delays the severity of some things, yet people still balk at the cost of gym membership and professional guidance. ...I'm just may be in a position to help someone get over the cost of buying a $80 pair of walking shoes or a gym membership if they realize that doing nothing isn't free. Go forth and recruit!



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