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Join Mad Dogg Athletics at CanFitPro! We are thrilled to announce that all of our brands will be there and for the first time we will have a booth for you to purchase merchandise!

Check out these amazing Pre-Cons!

Peak Pilates®:

This course builds a solid foundation in the classical mat exercises while providing the tools to teach clients and group classes safely and effectively. The focus is on real-life teaching, helping to prepare for what happens after this course is over. You'll learn the exercises while layering in building blocks, modifications, and guidelines designed to make you a more confident and effective teacher. You'll be coached on effectively communicating and teaching the exercises in a dynamic and impactful way, using the Peak Pilates proprietary Five-Part Formula for Success, focusing on professional development and skills that ensure confidence and mastery.


Become one of the world's most sought-after fitness instructors - a certified Spinning® Instructor. This nine-hour orientation is your first step. Topics include bike setup, the five core movements, three hand positions, choosing music, creating a 40-minute Spinning journey, safety considerations, teaching techniques, Spinning philosophy, heart rate training and a three-phase instructor training program. After completing this orientation, you will be qualified to teach the Spinning program at any official Spinning centre throughout the world. Certification will be awarded after completing the self-paced instructor training program and successfully passing the assessment. Please bring a heart rate monitor, water bottle, energy food, towel, clothes for two rides, bike shorts, stiff-soled shoes and a pen or pencil.


This hands-on practical workshop includes an in-depth analysis of the more challenging Resist-A-Ball® strength exercises. Participants will also experience how the Resist-A-Ball becomes a unique, portable, and dynamic bench with added free weights. Learn how to replace traditional exercises with new motor learning strength challenges using dumbbells. The course includes a variety of stretches to complement the more advanced selected strength exercises. Move up to the next level in Resist-A-Ball training with exercises that require more core stabilization, strength and balance. Resist-A-Ball C.O.R.E. Instructor Training or experience in stability training is recommended as a prerequisite to this course.

Spinning®: Josh's Animal Ride

Join Josh Taylor for an epic event where the innate behaviours of the world's most powerful and graceful animals will be our inner guide and inspiration. Enter the world of the instinctive animal, feel the primal rhythm, and see the world through the eyes of the beasts as you ride completely uninhibited. A journey into the wild you don't want to miss. The visuals and music will blow your mind! Sponsored by MAD DOGG ATHLETICS.

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We also have a number of amazing sessions throughout the weekend including Spinning® Mix Your Ride, Let's Jump In, All Out Blast,and The Pyramid Scheme to name a few!




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