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Oh Canada! I can't wait to come back!

What a great conference. I just returned from CanFitPro and am so excited to report that this was the first time we brought Peak Pilates to this conference and it was a huge hit! We had a sold out basic mat course pre-con with 40 attendees which was lead by Zoey Trap and myself. The attendees energy was contageious as they tackled this demanding and jam packed course with enthusiasm and bravado. We got to see so many of the same faces and lots of new ones in MDA and Peak Pilates sessions over the weekend. The feedback on Peak Pilates was tremendous. A few noteworth comments that were shared with me were: that they loved the movement, rhythm and dynamics of the classical system, they had never before felt so uplifted and energized after classes, and were shocked by the apraochability and their success in MVE and Peak Pilates classes.

In addition to leading MVe and Peak Pilates sessions I got to participate in the MDA team taught circuit sessions 'All Out Blast' and 'Drop and Give Me Plenty'. This is the third conference in which I have participated in these group sessions and have to say they are quickly becoming favorites of mine. The quick pace and energy is gaurenteed to send participants from station to station with lots of ideas and full of smiles. Not only do the atendees love these sessions but the presenters do too! I have really gotten to know my fellow collegues much better through the opportunity of working with them. My respect for them has only increased as I get to watch them present and learn from their great ideas and experience. This time around Abbie Apple represented Resit-A-Ball, Nadine Stewart was there on behalf of BodyBlade, Brenden brought in Cross Core and Stacey Lei Kraus, Zoey Trap and I were there with Peak. Getting to work with trainers from the other branches of the MDA family has been so inspiring, not only to seeing how diverse of a company we really are but the talent and quality of instruction and products that we represent.




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