For Instructors Spinning


I still think it?s kind of strange that people come to orientations who have been attending classes for years and they have no idea about the program?s cadence guidelines. They have never been through a cadence check or have they been challenged to maintain a certain cadence. In most cases, they?ve only been asked to increase their cadence several times during a class session. Cadence checks are a coaching strategy. They help us define terrains, intensity, and resistance use. I?m often asked when I use them in a class situation. 1: They are certainly a great tool when one or more students are out of the cadence range because of a lack of proper resistance 2: They help reinforce dramatic terrain changes like a Standing Climb to a Seated Flat. 3: They provide good reference points for upcoming class activities. If an instructor is going to engage in a series of cadence building exercises, it would beneficial for the students to add resistance to the point that they lower to the bottom of a particular range before starting.



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