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I am at B.A.M. (Body and Mind Conference) this weekend in northern California to present two Bodyblade® workshops. I also had the pleasure of being a part of "Chuggin for the Cure" which was a team lead cardio dance and circuit class which is the kickoff every year for the B.A.M. conference to raise money for cancer research. Last year I just attended and had a lot of fun learning new dance moves and being introduced to all kinds of new equipment as all the presenters teaching workshops at the conference lead the circuit stations. This year, since I am presenting, I taught a Bodyblade station. What was really cool was that I don't think any of the 40 people that came through my station had ever before used a Bodyblade®. They had no idea what to expect and they didn't seem to have any pre-conceived notions. It is refreshing to play in new territory. I had all ages from about 6 years through about 65 years old. I had 3-5 people for about 2 minutes at a time come through my station. It was incredibly loud in the room, with 10 stations going at once during the resistance portions, so I had to depend almost entirely on body language and miming to cue. It was a great "lab" for non-verbal teaching. What was really rewarding was at the end of the whole class, I heard one participant say to another, "I loved that yellow thing. It was my favorite out of all the equipment!" Her friend agreed adding, "I really felt it working!" They didn't see me standing behind them, but I was smiling from ear to ear! Bodyblades® come in a variety of sizes and colors now. The original, called the Pro, is 5 ft in length and solid black. The next size down is the Classic which is 4 ft in length and also black and the ones I used tonight are called CxT and at 40 inches are made for group classes. They are bright yellow with black tips and a black handle, hence when I heard "yellow thing," I knew exactly what was being discussed. I think in the future they should be manufactured to glow in the dark, for studios that have special effects lighting as well as come in all the colors of the rainbow just for fun. Fitness should be fun and Bodyblades® are definitely fun!! Check them out at



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