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Class Objectives

To teach a good class, an instructor must have a good plan. An overall reason, theme, or purpose for class must be clearly stated very early in the session so all students have the initial information they need to participate appropriately throughout the ride. Objectives basically fall into four different categories: Intensity: a class can be centered on a specific intensity goal. If riders use monitors, intensity targets can be communicated through a percentage of maximum heart rate. If RPE is being used, then breath and feelings are consistently prompted. Terrain: a session goal can be created around a specific terrain. An instructor can let students know that several hills will be climbed over the next 40-50 minutes. An instructor might also let the class know that cadences will be a little higher during a particular class because it involves all flat roads. Skills: an indoor session has the advantage of working on a finite number of skills within a specific time period. Some good indoor riding skill-based objectives are: balance, more efficient recovery, holding a particular cadence, and/or jumping. Symbol(s): an instructor could take any symbol from the program and create an entire class devoted to assisting students in becoming more informed and more skilled on that one targeted movement. For example, a class on jumps would involve attention to: Seated Flat, Standing Flat, Jumps on a Flat, Seated Climb, Standing Climb, and Jumps on a Hill.



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