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Coaching for the Right Reasons

Often I hear instructor say, ?Since I?m at the gym and taking a Spinning® class why not get paid to workout.? I often wonder why they are making the jump from a student to an instructor. What is their motivation? How can they really be there for their students if they are concerned about getting in their own workout? What will happen if someone needs attention and they are working at the same high intensity their students are expected to work? We as coaches need to do just that, coach. The bike we teach from is what we use to provide those visual cues for our students. When is the last time you saw a coach jump off the bench and play at any sporting event? When you step into the role of a Spinning® instructor, you need to put your training needs behind you and focus on those that come to your class. Remember, the class is about their needs and not your own. Yes, you can get a workout, but not at the same level as your students. You must be available to provide coaching to those that need your help with form, cadence and technique. Your instructions need to be clear and concise without being interrupted by your heavy breathing. I know some students like to see us sweat and work just as hard as they do, but remember, they cannot see your heart rate monitor. We can demonstrate the movements and give the appearance that we are working, but we need to hold back. If you want to train, find time on your own. When you expect your class to be the substitute for your training sessions, your students will suffer. To be a coach, you need to have students. Without students, there is no coach. Whatever your motivation for becoming an instructor, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons - your students. blog by Ralph Mlady for 5/15/2011



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