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Hi I look forward to working more with our youth, I wonder what engaging coaching/games/profiles and playlists you have come up with on your own. I have the resources from Spinning®. I discovered for the lot I work with, I had to ask them to put on a lot of tension before they mounted their bikes, because sure as the sun sets, if my attention is on one kid, fitting them to the bike or whatever, some other kid gets on and cranks out a zero to 180rpm in 7 seconds flat. One in every group! So I had to do this for my own peace of mind. "Please stand next to your bike. Put the pedal next to you at it's lowest point. Now, put your hand on the tension knob and turn it clock wise until it becomes hard to turn. Not too tight...but tight. Now straddle your bike, both feet on the floor, then get up by stepping on the low pedal...." I think you get the point. Since for 14 year olds it seems hard for them to, first time out, coordinate getting their feet in the toe cages and tightening down straps, I walk around and get them all set before I begin to let them take that flywheel tension off. If you've never taught kids (and I teach a huge wide range of multicultural kids...) this might sound like I'm a control freak, but my experience, time and time again is that these kids (different groups every time, it is not like they are repeat offenders...) just have to GO GO GO! Maybe it is being a "show off?" Maybe they just know no limits to their energy, safety be darned. I would like to get a feel for your experiences with kids too. I have a few tricks up my sleeve in addition to the Spinning® guidelines for working with youth - rather than email me though, go ahead and put it out here in the public and let's see if others can kick in. So much appreciate is one of my favorite "special pops" to work with now and so needed. Seems schools are decreasing PE time, organizations are cutting their risks and kids are parents are distracting their children with sedentary activities. What a great opportunity to offer kids a safe (with oversight) activity to spend some energy, feel included and not be judged. I welcome your insights, experiences and comments.



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