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The other day when I was teaching my group ex class, I noticed that one of the participants had already been at the gym earlier?we?d both, in fact, taken a noontime class and were now back for the evening class. Typical me, I said something to the effect of, ?Ok! Two of us were here at lunchtime, that means the rest of you have to hang with us!?. Ha ha. What I didn?t realize was the power of acknowledgment. After class the woman came up to me, starting off with ?I would never think to say anything but because you noticed me??. She basically went on to share a story of how stressful her life had been a few months back?personal issues led to her taking a leave from school/work, and she was working with someone to get her life back on track. In doing this, she said, what has helped in her recovery has been coming to the gym, working out, and seeing the camaraderie amongst the instructors who support one another and teach together. This struck me in such a way because she?s a woman who has never said anything to any of the instructors before, and yet, when she shared her story, instructors clearly had a profound impact on her life. It made me once again appreciate all that my fellow instructors do, but also reminded me that connection can be established in a myriad of ways?while some of us engage more so than others, we all play a role as an instructor to those who commit to our classes. When I shared the story with my fellow instructors, they were all equally touched, also adding in the importance of our team mentality. It also, though, reminded me that engaging others ? however slight ? can make a difference in someone?s life?and that my continued struggle to overcome my introversion is an important one to battle! -June



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