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Continuing Education

When I conduct orientations, instructors sometimes complain about the extended costs of continuing education. I?m always surprised by those responses. As a school teacher (like many professions) we are constantly required to acquire more and more education to learn about new theories and improved ways of teaching the students. My favorite form of continuing education is an on-site workshop. I love the opportunities to not only discuss the day?s primary topics but also to review and answer lingering questions. This past weekend, we spent a good amount of time dissecting the differences between sprints conducted on hills and those completed on flats. Once that discussion ended, we went on to explore the differences between building cadence and completing a sprint. Bike set-up is also an area I like to re-visit during a continuing ed event. After instructors have been away from their original training periods they can often drift into less efficient riding positions and not even realize it. I always take the opportunity to provide some positive-constructive tips as to how they can be more comfortable while also providing a better visual model for their students to follow. Hopefully, you?ll attend an on-site workshop some day soon and have some of your questions answered.



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