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Crazy man or clown? last night I arrived about 20 minutes early to set up and this guy walked in, towel under the arm, shoes in hands, headband knotted securely behind his head. He takes a long, uncomfortable glance at all the empty bikes, then me. "You, teacher?" he asks. "Yes," I reply. "Are you up for a class tonight?" "I go. Come back. Ok." A Korean with not much English, but the energy I love to see. Maybe 45 to 50 years old, he was snappy and enthusiastic, though his English rivaled my Korean. So when class started I was aware that I had 4 Americans, 2 Australians, several garden variety Europeans and a few British clients and maybe 5 Cambodians...and this dude. I am still not sure how much English he had, but every time I said something to the tune of "add gear," "steepen your hill..." "honest effort" in this strength building class he would say "OOOOOh my Gawd!" and everyone would laugh and at several passes of the class he would release the handlebars and groove like he was in a disco. Have you experienced this before? One time, in a long, concentrated effort I wasn't saying much because the music was so driving and he was seated in hand position 2 and swaying with such abandon, you would have thought he was in a trance. Everyone else (from more familiar cultures to me) was quietly going about their business, so this guy was almost out of place - whacky even. "OOOooooh My Gawd...." came another cry of exasperation ... and on he danced for the whole class. We laughed - what else could we do? It could have been super distracting, but I remember I was once in a yoga class and had the privilege of being in the presence of a most awesome teacher and a guy with turrets syndrome who would swear every once in a while. talk about distraction. But the teacher was so cool and calm about it - reminding that we all have a right to be there and that we should embrace everything as an opportunity - even if it is an opportunity to see if we can shut out distraction and focus on the task at hand. Party dude was great. He sort of mockingly clicked his heels together, put his hands together in front of his face and bowed a quick and sassy bow to me and said in a low raspy voice "Very Good..." as he left. I hope he comes back. I think I get too serious sometimes, focusing on the whole training aspect of Spinning®. Some people just have to rock and get their sweat on. I would have been annoyed if he was being distracting by talking on the phone or pedaling backwards...but he was having a party and for some reason, it didn't bug me. One thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about being on the international scene of Spinning® is that my classes are so colorful - so rich in diversity, perspective, experience and approach.



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