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Can't get to WSSC? If you need to feel inspired about teaching, there are ways to help yourself. Check out the many online courses that are offered by Mad Dogg Athletics. Taking a course can refresh your attitude about teaching and earn you CEC's. Get a Spinning DVD and watch it several times. Write down the cues that you hear the instructor say and consider how to implement them into your own venue. Read our Spinning News online magazine just for instructors! Another way I seek inspiration is by going to another gym and taking classes from other instructors. Sometimes the classes are great! But when they are terrible, even from a horrible instructor, I can learn something. I take the good and throw out the bad. Either way, after the class, I take out a notebook and write out everything I can remember about the class, looking for any gems that I can use. Plan well in advance if you think you want to attend WSSC or any other conference because many conferences offer volunteer positions and if you are a volunteer, you usually work for half the time and attend courses half the time. That is exactly how I earned all of my CEC's when I was in college since I could not afford to pay the entrance fees. One more way that I have found inspiration is through booking a riding date with another instructor so that just the two of us get together to ride. We both bring music and sometimes don't even talk. We just show up, put some tunes on and ride together just so we don't have the stress of cueing and leading. Those are some of my favorite rides. It is a real way of connecting with another instructor and feeling rejuvated.



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