Spinning® Headquarters

CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training™

Yesterday, members of the staff here at Spinning® Headquarters had the opportunity to take the CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training™ education course.  It is awesome that we get to be well versed and participate in trainings like this, Mad Dogg Athletics is looking forward to this new partnership with CrossCore!


Not only did we get to have a training here at Headquarters, but we also had the rare opportunity to be trained by Brendan Cosso. Brendan is one of the creators, so it was truly an honor to have him introduce us to this product that is clearly his baby. You can tell by the way he explains in detail about CrossCore, that he, along with several others, have put their heart and soul into creating this. Brendan shared a story with us how he had been trying to figure out an easier way to teach how to tie the knot (which it was very difficult to learn at first), and how he had an epiphany thought in the shower! Anyone who is constantly thinking about their work, even when in the shower just proves how much he loves it.


CrossCore is a very unique type of training and product. New moves and exercises are constantly being created! It is always fun to be able to use products that help you discover and use muscles that you normally don't. Since majority of the time you are using your own body weight, you are not working just one muscle group at a time. You are constantly working multiple muscles! It's awesome because there are many different variations and levels that you can do with the same exercise.


If you have the opportunity to take a training (or session at one of our upcoming events) do so! You might think you are strong (like I did), then you try it and realize you might not be as strong as you think! Thank you Brendan and CrossCore for the amazing training! I personally am looking forward to adding this to my current workout routine of the Spinning® Program, Bodyblade®, beach cruiser rides and short beach walks. I can't wait to see the change that it will make!







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