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Wow! DCAC came and went and it was a whirlwind of so many good things--enthusiastic participants and a fun team to present with. Teaching with Kathryn and Connie was truly an ''All Out Blast'' just like the title of our workshop. We used Bodyblades, medicine balls and tubing to give our group such a dynamic and fun class that I had to ''steal'' a few of their creative moves to use on my own students here in FL. What can I say? My class today really enjoyed the pain...I mean the challenge, lol!
Lorey and I had the opportunity to help Scott with "Master the Ride'', a Spinning experience aimed at helping participants perfect the five basic movements on the bike. It was really rewarding to not only see Scott teach and ride with such precision but the response of those who took the class was that of sincere gratitude. Which is ALWAYS  refreshing! And I can't say enough good things about the MDA team that keeps things running so smoothly at the booth and in our sessions--Ben, Nat and JJ. What would I do without you? Not having music comes to mind...(however, let's not talk about that one). Seriously, DCAC was great and I would do it again in a heartbeat!




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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays!

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