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DCAC Fitness Conference 2013

We had a great time (as usual) at the 2013 DCAC Fitness Conference!  The Peak Pilates room was jammed for all sessions (again, as usual) and we had some great participants!

The sessions that I taught had amazing and talented, and eager to learn, teachers in them!  My first class (at 7am thank you very much) was Reformer Power Challenge and everyone took turns finding power on the reformer through props, alternate rhythms, breathing, and other challenges. Everyone was dripping sweat by the end...but happy!

My next session was MVe Chair On/Off Intervals.  We all paired up, with one person on the chair and one person on the floor doing exercises that were kind of alike...and working up another sweat to the fast-paced sweaty workout.

My favorite workshop by far is the one that I co-taught with Zoey Trap:  Shape Shifters.  We have been working hard on this workshop to educate participants on the different body positions that repeat throughout the Pilates work, and how to teach them more effectively integrating different pieces of equipment.  We only had time for 2 segments, but we have alot more up our sleeve...just wait when Kathryn joins us at the PES for a revved up version of this awesome (if I do say so myself) workshop.

I also taught Reformer Regressions/Progressions to a group of extremely hard-working participants.  We slowly progressed some of the more difficult to understand and execute Pilates work on the reformer (such as Teaser and Swan)...and everyone there was successful!

Another one of my favorite workshops was the Tower/Mat Intervals.  This workshop had half the participants on the Tower and half off the end of the Tower using the Pilatesstick.  We did non-traditional variations and progressed to more vertical work to finish it all out.  So fun!

We had a great time!




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