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Difference between spinner elite and spinner pro

When it comes to picking a Spinning® bike for the home or gym, there are a number of options to choose from. Indoor cycling bikes differ from traditional stationary bikes because they use a chain to connect to the flywheel, just like outdoor bikes, whereas, stationary bikes use a belt to connect the pedals to the flywheel.

Depending on your commitment to the sport, and your budget, it’s possible to find a wide range of quality Spinning® bikes that will fit your needs. The most popular beginner bike is the Spinner® Sport. One of the reasons for its popularity has to do with the price. The Spinner® Sport is the most affordable Spinning® bike available, with a price tag around $349. The bike is made of steel, which makes it light and easy to move. In addition, the handlebars and seat are fully adjustable so you can customize the bike to a specific rider’s height. The pedals that come with the bike are also geared toward beginners, because they come with toe cages rather than clip-in pedals.

Two more popular bikes are the Spinner® Pro and the Spinner® Elite bikes. While they both have a number of similarities, they also have a few subtle differences that make them distinct from one another.

Spinner® Pro – The Spinner Pro weights in at 123lbs and is made up of a steel frame with zinc dip coating. This helps prevent the bike from rust. The handlebars have a non-slip grip coating and built into the handlebar design is a double water bottle holder. The water bottle holders are designed to fit oversized bottles as well. The pedals of the Spinner Pro our double sided and include clips for SPD pedals as well as a toe cage on the opposite side. The resistance knob includes an emergency stopping mechanism. The bike can accommodate riders who are anywhere from 5 feet tall to 6 feet 6 inches, and weighing up to 350lbs. The Spinner Pro has a silver frame with black shroud and a black flywheel. It costs $995.

Spinner® Elite – The Spinner® Elite is considered a higher quality bike due to the fact that its frame is made of aluminum, which accounts for its lower weight of just 118 lbs. The aluminum also acts as an excellent rust deterrent. Both the handlebars and the seat on the Spinner Elite can be adjusted to account for different sized riders. The handlebar design is similar to the Spinner® Pro in that it incorporates a dual water bottle system that fits oversized bottles. Pedals are also double sized and include SPD clip-ins on one side, and toe cages on the other. In addition, there is a urethane stretch guard to prevent damage to the frame from cleated cycling shoes. The Elite bike also accommodates a broader height-range of riders, fitting anyone who is 4-foot-10-inches tall all the way up to 6-foot-10- inches tall. The Spinner® Elite has a metallic charcoal colored frame with a black shroud and black flywheel.

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