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Different Motivation

Each weekend, I meet people hoping to begin a career as an
instructor. While it’s easy to assume that they all enjoy Spinning, it’s never
easy to guess what (or who) inspired them to begin the process. Some are driven
by the desire to achieve something new. They have experienced success in other
parts of their lives and they want to meet the challenge of teaching fitness
much like they met their previous challenges. Others are more driven by an
internal call to lead. They sense a light within themselves that they feel
needs to be shared with others. They deeply believe they can motivate others to
lose weight, gain energy, and generally feel better. I actually like the
instructors who have more simple reasons to teach. Many people directly tell me
that they want the money and they want to stop paying monthly dues. Others tell
me that they go to classes all the time and they don’t like the music they
hear, so they want to play their own. Those may not be the most “spiritual”
reasons for beginning a career as an instructor, but I have to appreciate and
respect their abilities to express their feelings in an honest way. Believe or
not, I think direct (and honest) expression will help make them wonderful
instructors in the not-too-distant future.

Why did I start presenting Spinning education 17 years ago?  I wanted to travel!!   ;)




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