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Discussing Contraindicated Movemnts In Class

Have you ever been questioned why you do not use a contraindicated movement that other instructors at your club use in their classes? What is your response? How do you politely state that the movement is unsafe and offers little training benefit without throwing the other instructor under the bus? You need to tread lightly with your response to those that ask you to start using movements in your program that are contraindicated. If you haven?t been to the Contraindications Workshop, I suggest you go. Not that you need to be taught right from wrong, but as a way to gain the knowledge of why a movement is contraindicated to the Spinning program. With this information, you can clearly explain the reason that a movement shouldn?t be done without criticizing the other instructor that uses the movement in their classes. After a hard class, we were stretching our hamstrings and I look up and see someone in the front row with their leg up on the handlebars. I made an announcement to the entire class that we do not stretch on the handlebars and to please remove your legs from the handle bars. One woman said, ?Well we do this in other classes.? So I informed the class that it is unsafe and it is easy to lose balance and fall into other bikes and/or students. In addition, I told the class they can get just as effective of a stretch by placing their foot directly over the pedal cranks. After class, the student came up to me and we discussed the movement further. At no time did I mention the other instructor. I kept our discussion around the safety of the movement and my concern for the wellbeing of all students. So be careful to the way you talk about unsafe movements. Keep the discussion centered on the safety of the movements without discussing the other instructor. Let the student know that they should perform only safe movements in other instructors classes. Blog by Ralph Mlady for 1/29/2011



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