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Do You Have a Mission Statement?

In the business community, a mission statement is critical for success. It defines the purpose and direction of the company as well as the type of citizen they will be. Mission statements often spell out the goals of the company and guide its decision-making. It defines the framework from which a company develops their strategy. But how many instructors really sit down and build a mission statement for themselves? My guess is not many. Maybe those who run a personal business have a mission statement. I bet most of the facilities you teach at have a mission statement, so why not create one for yourself. If you became an instructor to ?get paid while you workout?, then you probably can stop reading now. If you really want to help define your direction as an instructor, consider writing yours out. From time to time and refine your statement and update it when needed. Here is my mission statement: ?I will provide an environment that provides the opportunity for participants to grow stronger both physically and mentally. I will act professionally in my interactions with my students, clients, managers and other club members. I will continue my professional education and maintain my certifications. I will provide a safe environment and safe instruction to ensure the health and longevity of those I teach. I will involve myself within my community to help make its citizens healthier.? The statement isn?t all that complex, but it conveys what I believe defines my role as an instructor. It is a continual work in progress as I continue my development as an instructor. blog by Ralph Mlady for 3/22/2011



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