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One of my students (who I advise) came out once to a mental wellness week event I cohosted?an exercise class as part of a week teaching undergraduate students means in which to manage their stress. Now, this is a student I see pretty much every day in my resource center, whom I?ve advised on occasion for his extracurricular activities but who I notice rarely says hello to me when I walk into the center and say hi to everyone. I mentioned this to one of his friends who I am pretty close to, so she decided to take it upon herself to ask him??June thinks you hate her because you never say hi to her.? LOL, you have to love the candor of youth! Anyhow, the student?s response was very funny?that he loved me, but that he was kind of intimidated by me. Turns out, this might be due to the fact that he came to my exercise class and I was a bit ? more intense doing that than when I?m offering advising services. It?s funny how I have two personas, and that the students I advise are often a bit taken aback by my gym persona?even though I always reassure them I never call anyone out at the gym, I am always happy that they think to attend a class with me, and that they already know who I am in my office (which never lapses into ?Gym June? persona!). Anyhow, it?s a cute story because it made me also stop and think again about how different areas of my life could potentially merge and influence one another?and to make me think about this professionally: Is it better that I completely separate where I work (full time) and where I instruct (part time)? Anyone have experiences to share? -June



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