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don't take it personally...focus

wow - something happened this week and last. I went from having full full (can't get in) classes to drop dead empty. Are the holiday promises over? I'm not sure. We did have some local holidays and everyone I know is sick, so I'm sure that has to do with the big and sudden drop in attendance. I know, like so many instructors, I am a "public speaker." I can't figure out why this is so difficult for some people, but I feel really in my element in front of a big group of people, especially when I have something they want: adult training...(lifeguard, fa/cpr, personal training training)...there is nothing better than being in front of a room delivering great stuff. Anyway, I digress... I have to remind myself that I can't take it personally if I don't have a full class. I blogged recently about just having ONE client in the class. Man, I gave him one of my better, inspired classes! I know he is training for a marathon in the L.A. area this summer.... visualization, inspiration, motivation, perseverance....all themes for that one man show. So, last night I had 2 show. I have been training super hard myself and am running a little fatigued right now...and on top of that I have an ear ache I'm hoping doesn't turn into anything when only two people came....ugh. I had to dig deep. I pulled all the other bikes out of their vision and faced their bikes toward a big window that just looks out onto a wall and a jungle of big green house plants (I live in cambodia...houseplants grow outside...) I dimmed the room pretty darn dark and gave them my best shot... but it honestly didn't come that easily for me. I was tired and coming down with something. At about the 5th minute in - after a pretty soft warm up - uninspired and well, sort of dawned on me. How unfair. If you could measure my raw emotions, I would have to confess that I was a little miffed that this class wasn't FULL of enthusiastic people with energy oozing from their pours. In other words, I was punishing the two who had come! so glad I saw the light. This is not typical for me - otherwise I don't think I would confess it in such a public forum, but I honestly had to take a moment to think through what I knew about each of these clients (training goals, history etc etc...) and then I turned it on. Still, I didn't speak much during the class - I believe in space - but I did ask some personally (yet fairly benign) probing questions for the sheer purpose of connecting each rider to his/her ride. Looking back on it, I am reminded of a cartoon where, say, bugs bunny, is in a plane taking a nose dive. Ears pinned back, cheeks flapping, fear in the eyes - only to pull up just before crashing, much to everyone's relief. I was right...I woke up sick this morning. darn it. Knowing that the thaw is coming and winter riders will be headed back to the street and new year resolutioners have retreated to the couch, you might be facing some smaller classes than you're accustomed to. exhale. Don't take it personally. check in and connect with the few before you (or the ONE before you) and give it your best shot. And share your stories back here. If you've NEVER had an uninspired moment in your Spinning want to meet you. It's hard to admit in a group of fantastically inspired people that you have fallen short of your own expectations...but it is really freeing especially with reflection to build a tool box of strategies to help you cope in the future.



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