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Drills/Activities from WSSC 2011

I think I?m still recovering from WSSC 2011. I finally finished washing all the clothes I brought with me and now I?m working on answering all of the wonderfully kind e-mails I have received since last Sunday (about 125 so far). It seems like many of the participants want a recap of the drills and activities we did during our rides together. Here are a few of them: 5 and back: making 5 resistance additions within one minute before returning to light resistance and beginning again (Running with Resistance or Jumps on a Flat) Hit 27/20: give riders 15 seconds to reach 27 pedal strokes (flats) or 20 (hills) for this guideline reinforcement activity On the 10s: a resistance reinforcement activity where riders turn to the right every 10 seconds for one minute prior to jumping out of the saddle to initiate a Sprint on a Flat Add 1 more: give riders 30 seconds to complete the best jumps they can before challenging them to turn one time to the right and completing one more jump in the next 30 second segment Progressively timed intervals: using one symbol (Jumps, Standing Flats), perform the movement for 10, 20, then 30 seconds (building cadence each time) with a 10 second seated flat in between each. Following one or two of these segments, complete an appropriate active recovery.



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