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Eating clean is the answer. I rarely talk about (performance) nutrition but its so messed up. People, its not hard. Eat clean = be lean. Food should be fun. If you are always stressing about calories, cravings and eating too much then you are setting up for failure and probably weight gain. A few nasty truths. Genes don't make your jeans not fit. Your metabolism doesn't slow down so much that as you grow older you get to have an excuse why you are 30 pounds more than when you finished high school. You control your weight! But forget about weight! Isn't is about either looking good, feeling more energetic or performing better (in whatever you want to perform better in). Simple ground rules. They work. Oh, by the way...people always ask me what I eat. For the record, I am sitting here before I go ride for a few hours and I am eating a grapefruit, 5 egg whites, almonds and a coffee. Some fish oil hit my belly as soon as I woke up. Oh, and coffee. Why do I eat this? It's totally clean. Essential fat + quality protein and carbohydrates in the form of the grapefruit. No bread, no grain, no dairy. A few cLEAN keys... 1. No sugar. This will cause that insulin spike and make your body rebel with low energy. 2. Quality protein. Preferably lean meats, wild caught fish and only grass-fed beef. 3. Essential fats. Can't get rid of fat until you eat fat! Nuts (almonds, walnuts), avocado, olive oil. 4. Reduce or eliminate dairy. It's mostly sugar anyway and very little nutritional density in milk. Switch to almond milk or coconut milk. Sorry yogurt. 5. Reduce or eliminate packaged foods. Go with fresh veggies, seasonal fruits and raw foods. These are just simple things. Forget about volume. Eat as much of the above cLEAN foods as you want. Have a "cheat" meal 2-3 times a month (enjoy it). Consistency pays off here! Eating cLEAN is actually tasty. Stay lean as you grow older.



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