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Teamwork- it's not just a word! Over the years I have been lucky enough to present with all of our Peak Trainer Presenters at one time or another. This year's ECA proved that teamwork is not just a concept. First we had a really big Peak Pilates Mat pre-con and Kathryn Coyle headed in early to help coach and assess the group! Her extra eyes, hands, and encouragement provided an extra edge to attendees and helped them sail through assessment.

Next we put teamwork to action in our 3 Ring Circus workshop. Connie Borho had this great idea to create this new session to hlep teachers understand the shapes in space concept more deeply. We have all (Kathry, Connie, and I) been hard at work the last few months fleshing it out. The workshop was smooth, exciting, and showed that when presenters pool their knowledge everyone wins!

After each of our sessions all of the trainers stayed to help get the room ready for the next session - Ben Rippe, Natalie, and JJ were there and the many hands not only made light work- but time for jokes and fun.

On the final morning of ECA we were all getting ready to lead Tore Up from the Floor Up - and there was an accident and Connie broke her foot. Teamwork went to an extreme level with Kathryn starting the workshop, Jodi taking care of Connie, while I ran for medical assistance. Needless to say Connie couldn't lead her portion and I jumped on stage to fill in... The attendees never even knew there had been a problem.

To make matters worse- Connie had the next session alone and Jodi Sussner was a hero, staying and assisting Connie, demonstrating, spotting- and again making sure the attendees had a great workshop.

What a privelege to work with our team- and I know it's said a lot but it's true-- "there is no 'I' in teamwork!"





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