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ECA World 2013: A Little Snow, A Lot of Energy!

ECA New York 2013 was heralded by winter storm Nemo, who dusted the city and dumped on the surrounding areas. I was very impressed by the number of conference participants who braved the elements to experience an amazing weekend of workshops, rides, and workouts. Here are some of my personal highlights of the conference:

  • Co-presenting with fellow Master Instructor Angie Scott from Vermont. Angie and I are good friends but like many MIs we are usually "ships in the night" during our weekend travels to conduct trainings around the country. She is not only a lovely individual, but is an incredibly knowledgable and powerful presenter. It was a real treat to be able to take some of her workshops. It also was a good reminder that regardless of your level of experience as an instructor, it is so important that we all never stop learning from each other.


  • Sitting in on Josh Taylor's "Champion" ride. Nemo was swimming hard for the east coast Thursday night, but over 90 riders brought their enthusiasm and excitement for this epic event. If you haven't yet experienced one of Josh's ride experiences, please put it on the top of your bucket list. If you can't come to a conference like ECA or WSSC, you can bring a ride to your own facility--check out Josh's blog at http://jtcycle.blogspot.com/


  • Spending the day with 40 brand new instructors, who were so excited to learn about the real tenets of the Spinning(R) program. The general response was happiness and relief that much of the tomfoolery some had seen going on in indoor cycling classes are not actually part of the Spinning(R) program. Our responsibility is to know the program and make sure we are providing a safe and effective workout for every participant who is in our class. A bonus of the day was being joined by STAR 3 veteran instructor Bob Rebach. Not only was he kind enough to bring much needed caffeine, he helped out throughout the day with bike fit, cleat adjustment, and the general expertise that comes with time.

I worked for several years as a volunteer at WSSC, and every time I'm at a conference it's a good reminder of the tremendous amount of preparation, setup , and other behinds the scenes work that goes into making events like this a success. Ben, JJ, and Natalie from MDA worked very hard so both presenters and particpants could save their energy for the sessions. Pictured is the Terrific Trio in Times Square just before Nemo belly flopped into the northeast. A good time was had by all.




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