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Effort and Flow

I was in my favorite bike shop the other day getting some help with my bike. An hour earlier, halfway up a moderate hill, I had discovered that no, it wasn?t me ? my left shifter wasn?t working and I was stuck in my big ring. Thankfully, the hill was modest. I was chatting with the mechanic as he fixed the problem when I said something naive like, ?yeah, I haven?t quite figured out when to shift and where I should be riding.? He stopped and looked at me. ?Hey,? he said, ?You should know that from your Spinning



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Happy Holidays

Mad Dogg Athletics will be closed on Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28, 2014 in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. Any orders placed after Wednesday 12pm will be processed on Monday December 1, 2014.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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