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EMPOWER...feet first!

From March 8-10 Fitness Pros from around the country gathered in Chicago for the 2013 EMPOWER! Fusion Weekend at the Intercontinental Hotel. This year was especially exciting for me, as I was invited to teach Foot Fitness education all weekend long.  Foot Fitness is my specialty – and a new exciting frontier for many in the fitness industry.

I must say, one of my most interesting sessions was sponsored by MDA / Peak Pilates.  I worked with the MVe Chair in a session titled "Feet First".  I’m sure that you are well aware… Mr. Pilates was a brilliant man!  He trained his clients barefoot - and always began with a foot warm up.  I feel that these days, some Pilates instructors tend to skip this vital portion of the workout, in lieu of calorie- burning exercises (which, of course, our clients demand).  However, how can we train effectively and functionally if our feet are not fully awake, alive, and engaged?

The MVe Feet First session was filled with primarily personal trainers who had very little Pilates knowledge (how exciting!) So, for many of these Fitness Professionals, working out while barefoot was a new concept.  Together we explored a sweaty, full-body workout - and these trainers had the opportunity to experience the massive versatility of the MVe Chair. With each intense exercise, I coached the group through very specific foot placement cues.  AWARENESS of the feet is the "first step" of foot fitness. 

Following the workout, many of the participants commented about how "alive" their feet felt.  One smiling trainer told me that I gave her "Happy Feet".

For certain - we had fun workout on the MVe, a smart piece of fitness equipment.  We learned, we sweat, we shared.  EMPOWER 2013 just rocked!  Hope to see you there next year!




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