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Erik from Biggest Loser reflecting back on WSSC11....still can't believe they called my name!!

Since this was my first time attending a World Spinning and Sports Conference, upon heading out to Miami, I had only an idea of what to expect when I got there. I knew it was a rare opportunity to attend such a conference, and now reflecting back on my experience, it by far exceeded all of my expectations. Before even discussing the amazing rides and classes I got to take, I'd like to tell you how impressed I was from start to finish on how well organized the entire conference was. The hotel layout was transformed into our Spinning and Sports multiplex. All the ballrooms were converted into slick Spinning studios complete with state of the art audio and video systems. Yes video! Many of the rides featured videos on giant screens to accompany the heart pumping music. As you walked through the Mezzanine the latest and greatest Star Trac Spinners were there for us to demo along with The Body Blade and other fitness products to sample. I also found the staff and volunteers to be extremely helpful. Many times at other conferences there is a feel of minimal effort and perhaps the goal is only to raise money, but not in this case, the feeling was that we're all here to celebrate our sport and wow Spinning Instructors and Enthusiasts from around the world as more of a thank you, really well done, Mad Dogg! One of my highlights was the African Storm Ride, I was inspired by presenter Elsa Storm, riding while viewing images of African landscape and wildlife, was beyond cool. I also picked up Elsa's over the head towel twist move... brought that one home with me (if you don't know what I'm talking about you need to attend WSSC12 to find out, lol). During The Conquer the Elements and Warriors Within rides I found myself pushing harder than I ever had before and loving every minute of it. The energy and camaraderie was infectious in all of the classes, Spinning with such large groups led by some of the best Instructors in the world made this more than just unique and motivational, it was momentous! I also found the Yoga and lecture classes to be extremely rewarding as well. 8 Weeks before WSSC, I began the Spinning 8 Week Weight Loss Program. I thought attending WSSC would be the ideal goal to strive towards and the timing was perfect. What a way to celebrate all of the hard work from the Spinning 8WWL Program, attending the conference in beautiful Miami weather and a chance to further enrich my Spinning enthusiasm. My weight loss results were awesome by the way. I started 8 weeks prior weighing 257 lbs. and the day before I left for Miami i weighed in at 241, I lost 16 lbs.!! I highly recommend the Spinning Weight Loss program, if you love Spinning it's a no brainer. So, it sounds like I had a blast. I learned a lot and sweat a lot, I think I may have even lost a couple of more pounds. And I thought as I said my reward was to attend WSSC, I certainly didn't realize, that it could get even better..... I WON a brand new Spinner NXT bike - the top of the line! When they drew the ticket and read my name, it was truly surreal, I have never won a raffle! As I type this, I still can't believe it, I'm truly ecstatic! I have a picture of me hugging my new bike and I'll attach it here. I hadn't felt like that since I won the Biggest Loser in 2006! Next year my wife decided that she will attend the WSSC with me and plans on getting certified on day 1. Can't wait see you all at WSSC12!!!



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