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Event-based training

“Only the weak attempts to accomplish what he knows he can already achieve.” – Stella Juarez


I kinda miss those days of meeting a freind for a step aerobics class - I mean, really - it was the reason for was a social thing.


And then science got involved.  ugh.  What a let down.


Turns out that simply going wasn't enough.  Your instructor had to be a functional movement specialist, the music had to be in a safe decible range and a certain bpm. Equipment and class format went out of date quicker than buttermilk on a sunny window sill in summer.  You could no longer just declare that you go to the gym because it is fun. 


And that's when I sort of gave up.  I started to to hear instructions - you know - you heard them all yourself.  The precision and perfection of movement reigned supreme and the level of intensity had to be prescribed or you might as well just sit at home on the couch.  I had just wanted to move - exercise - sweat...and now, it seemed, no matter what I did I was wrong or at least, could be better.


I miss fun.  Spinning® classes aside - do you feel this too?  People strutting through the gym eyeballing for the latest, greatest movement, sequence of movements, and execution of form... 


And then...I found events.  It resurged my enthusiasm - gave me a reason to train.  Public performance - that is what a finish line is.  Now, suddenly, I realize that the moment I cross a finish line, I am looking for my next event - it is such a rush.  I'm signing up for the KL half ironman....quick! before the rush wears off.


Now, I have to go do my first brick of this 4 month training plan.  I'll swim 1.5k and run 15k.  I have miles and miles to go before I am actually ready for this event, but what fun would it be if I absolutely KNEW I could do it?  


My training has purpose.  There is planning and negotiations involved.  There is goal setting an head games - coping and plan b's....


I put this with instructors and faciilties because for a certain segment of your membership it might be time to ask - "are you ready to train for a 5k? or a century bike ride?"  There is no greater gift to a member with waning enthusiasm.


Many facilities already participate in mock events - like the stages of the Tour de France, but if a gym dedicates a bulletin board or a page in their newsletter to information about community events (like 5k fundraisers, marathons, triathlons, etc) it could really spark an interest in training again and it is such a much healthier tactic than New Year's resolutions to be in a bikini by summer, in my humble opinion.




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